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High quality to the last touch.

After all, those who, like us, have passionately built good kitchens for over 20 years, know what matters: first-class materials, craftsmanship and technical precision.

It is best to experience our unique passion for yourself


Versatility and practicality

A material that perfectly combines all the important features that a kitchen needs: beautiful, robust and very durable, which are then pasted on a substrate/support panel. With unlimited color options of your choice.


clear and timeless

It is basically a strong, protective and decorative coat on the clear acrylic sheets. The fronts are sanded, varnished and polished several times in up to five operations


The surface in its most beautiful form

The material glass has fascinated people for millennia, glass gives an excellent reflection and a luxurious look to the furniture, the product which never goes out of trend.

Polyurethane (PU)

High quality and noble

A technique that Kangaroo uses for lacquer, matt lacquer, structured lacquer and high gloss lacquer. It gives a wonderful smoothness as well as a splendid shine - for perfect reflections and delightful contrasts that are second to none.


Natural and stylish

Veneered surfaces have always been the choice for premium projects and furniture masterpieces. The surfaces are also made by high-quality, multi-layer coatings as for everyday life and thus largely insensitive to contamination.


As strong as it needs to be

A material that stands for quality and style the use of quartz – one of nature’s hardest and most abundant minerals. A real eye-catcher and a glamorous piece of modern architecture for the living space kitchen - which has been inspiring for generations.