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Europeon Palette

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Nano Technology

Made in Italy

Ntm is extremely matte nano technology surface with unique features by Arpa Industries, with seventeen color options.


Made in Italy

The natural, tactile and inspiring high pressure laminates by Arpa Industries Italy, with five color options.


Made in Italy

TA Matte texture that adds the sensuous tactility of marble laminates by Arpa Industries Italy, with five color options.

One Skin

Made in Portugal

One skin is a PU Lacquered boards in high gloss and soft touch super matte on mdf. Available in Solids, Mettalics, Cement, Oxides and Stuco Decors. With total twenty one color options.


Made in Italy

“Make” panels made in Italy are very high quality ultra high gloss of 1.4mm acrylic both sides on birch ply. With total eighteen color options.


Made in Germany

Melamine faced chipboards, Lacquered mdf which is highly scratch resistant, anti finger print and robust on mdf.


Made in Italy

Glaks is 100% extruded PMMA, that is made similar to glass, organic glass with an identical appearance to glass. Which has 2/3mm glaks (external) and 2/3mm matt acrylic of same color on 15mm birch plywood from Italy. With total eighteen color options.


Made in Italy

“Microcement Panels” is a premixed mono – component powder consisting of special elements. This feature allows to obtain a high of the finish to support in mdf. With total six color


Made in Italy

Is a worthy and very valid substitute of wood veneering, the support of the panels is made up of a recycled wood agglomeration with birch plywood substrate. With total fourteen color options.